Cable Quality Matters

What makes an HDMI cable or audio cable "premium," exactly?" The answer is simple: authenticity and reliability.

Cables must be tested and certified to receive the "premium" designation, which sets them apart from brands that market their cables as "high speed" when they aren't. There is an industry-wide certification program for premium HDMI and audio cables, which requires that they must be tested at the specific length sold to ensure that they perform exactly as asserted. Only then may they be packaged with a Premium Certified Cable label, including a hologram and a barcode to prevent counterfeiting. Each label is indexed back to the particular cable for which it was sold, so that manufacturers cannot simply obtain a batch of labels for one cable and apply them to other products. This is a fail-safe system to protect retailers and consumers from nefarious brands who claim their cables will perform to high HDMI or audio standards, when that is not the case.

Every single Velox cable is rigorously tested by a third party for quality assurance and to ensure that it meets our unparalleled performance standards. Ethereal is a firm believer in “the Proof is in the Pudding” concept of performance validation and to this end we have been sending our HDMI cables through the DPL Labs® certification process since DPL’s inception in 2007, and because “words are easy” and frequently used without the proper context we place great value in this testing and the fact that when the testing is finished we get a full performance and engineering report not just a Pass/Fail slip. MORE...

Cable quality matters when it comes to gaming. Velox HDMI Fiber cables are the best choice for serious gamers
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The Velox Advantage

When you invest in Velox cables, you are tapping into a team of experts that have been on the cutting-edge of HDMI and audio cable technology for decades. Each new development in HDMI and audio products has been met with a cable design that could provide the connections for these innovations to perform at their best. Velox was the FIRST in the industry to introduce the proprietary technology allowing Active HDMI cables to perform in long distance installations from 5-meter to 100-meter lengths. These revolutionary cables offered never-before-seen dual power supplies at either end so that installers could create new types of installations that were previously unheard of in the field.

Now, Velox continues the advancement of HDMI cable technology with their new Passive cables. These cables are available in an assortment of lengths from 1 to 8 meters, all fully certified to 8K/48 Gbps bandwidth without requiring injected power within the cable. This makes Velox the only manufacturer in the world offering an 8-meter passive cable certified to this capability. Our engineers developed this cable with advanced features in metallurgy, topology, dielectric, and shielding to be the best in its class. An innovative new microwave RF design allows for up to 4dB less insertion loss over long distances by establishing a near-linear response performance increase specifically for HDMI®’s TMDS High Speed Signaling. There is no artificial 10 Gbps speed cap from integrated electronics as compared to other active cables. These cables offer the highest bandwidth performance of any passive cable available, blowing away the competition and exceeding the resolution and bandwidth necessary for the newest electronics on the market.

Another aspect that sets Velox apart from other cable distributors is exceptional service. When customers call for technical support, they speak to the same people who engineered our products. This means any technical issues or questions are resolved quickly. Hearing product feedback directly from customers also helps our team anticipate challenges in the field and continually redesign, improve and innovate our products to create future-ready solutions that best serve integrators' needs.

Color Code System

Velox HDMI® cables feature an interchangeable color-coding scheme for easy cable identification and management. Each cable comes with 6 sets of color coded nubs - making cable management a snap!

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Velox Color Code System

Retail Packaging

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Merchandising Solutions

PLANOGRAM PROGRAM Maximize profit potential with “must-have” premium home audio cables that provide quality you can hear with this all-in-one display program. Free Display Rack and out-of-stock cards are included with each starting order.

SLAT WALL Custom tailored mechandising solution available.

Velox Merchandising Product Rack
Velox Merchandising Product Rack

What is Ethereal Certified

Our entertainment systems are increasingly more complex and the need to verify product performance and compatibility is becoming paramount. Ethereal has long been doing interoperability testing for sources, displays, AVRs, HDMI® cables and other interconnecting devices to provide comprehensive tech support for our dealers.